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Myself, Sudeep De, parents Late Birendra Chandra De and Aparna De, by birth Indian (Bharateeo), more precisely a resident of West Bengal, academically an engineer, dedicate all my efforts for the cause of Mathematics. I always believed that mathematics is completely based on logic and not based on “Myth’. There are many  mathematical principles which were claimed to be invented by particular mathematician or mathematicians but the inventors were absolutely unable to present the method or process of invention i.e. derivation of those mathematical principles of their claim ; there are mathematical principles, very fundamental and important but remained unclaimed, ever long ; consequently how those mathematical conclusions were drawn are still not known as we don’t know who invented them. I always intend to know how those principles could have been derived as the inventor of those principles only published them but were unable to show the mathematical derivation of them ever or those principles which were not even claimed by any one. Few examples of such cases are: construction of logarithmic (natural) table, derivation of General binomial theorem, derivation of the formula for expansion of function which is popularly known as Taylor Polynomial etc. And a few example of cases where there is no claim even are: the limit  (lim_{x rightarrow 0} frac{Sin x}{x} = 1 ) (where x is measured in radian),  the method of finding the square root of any number (i.e. division process) etc.  Particularly the above mentioned theory of limit is the only base for calculus(for differentiation and integration) of any trigonometric function (forward or inverse).  Also there exists some fundamental conclusions which are accepted universally but not based on mathematical reason. Such as the product of ‘zero‘ and ‘infinity‘. It is widely accepted that the value of this product is ‘zero‘, but the result is not based on mathematical findings. In particular the concept of zero & infinity is somehow mathematically baseless, it is  only some kind of belief ; better to say superstition !   And in all these fields of mathematics where there is not enough light of wisdom, on the contrary where there is overwhelming darkness of evil desire to suppress the truth, I find all the truths, in a very mathematical way, which itself ends the darkness of all those foolish concepts and thus enable mankind to understand  ‘mathematics‘  in a very convenient and proper way. Hence we can understand mathematics without getting trapped in all those unnecessary myths. And let maths emerge over those myths.


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